The Music and Worship Ministry of Sylvan Hills FBC strives to lead and facilitate regular weekend worship experiences that will do the following eight things:

  1. give glory and honor to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. be pleasing to, and within the perfect will of, our Heavenly Father.
  3. be motivated, informed, and directed by the Holy Spirit.
  4. hold true to Biblical standards and definitions of Christian worship.
  5. continue in keeping with the mission, vision, and purpose of SHFBC.
  6. be artistically creative, stimulating, and Christ-honoring in excellence.
  7. be guest-friendly and culturally relevant in consideration of those who are not yet Christ followers.
  8. give opportunity for service to the musically and artistically gifted in the Sylvan Hills family.

There are many opportunities to serve in our Worship Ministry. Some of them include –

Worship Choir

Choir is the front door of SHFBC’s worship ministry. Our choir leads regularly in Sunday morning worship times. Our annual schedule begins in August when our Fall semester begins. In the fall we prepare a Christmas musical to be presented in December. Beginning in January we work on Holy Week music. Our Good Friday service is always a favorite time of worship and contemplation for the SHFBC family. Depending on when Easter falls, we generally have a short spring session that focuses on new music for the congregation to learn.

Worship Band


Tech Team