Camp Siloam is a Christian camp for children, youth and families funded, in part, by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Our staff take care of all the details of camp so a pastor or adult-leader can focus on strengthening relationships with their campers. We desire to give campers a top-quality worship experience. Our priority is finding dynamic speakers who bring a message from the Word of God and worship bands who bring a combination of worshipful hearts and musical talent. Camp Siloam has a high standard of excellence in presenting Biblical themes with truth, creativity, distinctiveness and fun. Our scriptural themes are illustrated with a custom written 5-part drama, quiet times, and group discussion questions. Camp recreation is original and theme-based with a good mix of programmed time and free time.

Our programming is separate for elementary school and Jr/Sr. High campers. We offer Blast Camps for campers who have completed 3rd-6th grade and Forge Camps for campers who have completed 6th-12th grade.

In the off-season, Camp Siloam functions as a retreat or conference center. We can help you plan affordable retreats or conferences. Camp Siloam serves churches from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Kansas. We will host retreats and rent the camp to other Christian denominations. Denominations which have used the camp include Methodist, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Fellowship Bible, Seventh Day Adventist, Episcopal, Assembly of God, and Pentecostal.

Camp Siloam has been hosting summer camp for over 90 years. Since 1923, thousands of people have heard the Gospel of Jesus and have been saved. Many have been called to global missions or full-time ministry at Camp Siloam. Located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas the camp was founded in 1923 as the Arkansas Baptist Assembly. Campers refer to the camp simply as, “Siloam” which is a Hebrew word meaning sent. The idea of sending permeates much of what we do at Siloam. We believe God is sending people to be a part of camp. Is he sending you?


Once Upon a Story

Each year, Camp Siloam finds a scripture that emphasizes one of three themes 1) Your Identity in Jesus 2) God has made you for a purpose in his Kingdom 3) God’s mission for the world. Camp Siloam believes that if a young person understands these three things, then they can be a person of eternal, global impact. This year is a year in which we talk about Jesus and what he says about those who believe in him.

This year’s theme is a storybook theme; a classic tale about a storybook character who takes a journey through a forest. Woven into this story is a powerful message about how intimately God knows you. Camp Siloam staff can’t wait for you to discover how we use the art of story to teach that Jesus describes those who believe in Him as “one with the Father” in John 17.

John 17 is known as Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer.” It is an amazing chapter of the Bible because here one can read Jesus praying for us; the people who live in 2019! In John 17:21 Jesus asks the Father, “May they all be one as you, Father, are in me and I am in you. May they be in us, so that the world may know you have sent me.” (CSB) The idea of being “one with the Father as Jesus was one” is complicated, but think about all you have access to if you have the same kind of relationship with the Father that Jesus did. Just to give you a hint, he tells the disciples, “Everything the Father has is mine. This is why I told you that he takes from what is mine and will declare it to you.” John 16:15 (CSB)

This seems to indicate that everything Jesus had access to in God’s kingdom is available to us because his Holy Spirit dwells in us. Are you living like a prince or princess of the King or are you living like an orphan? John 14-17 might be the greatest statement of intimacy and identity in all of scripture. We can’t wait to share it with you this summer.

Also, this is very important, the opening of camp registration has been pushed back to January 1st, 2019. Camp Siloam has purchased a new registration software system that will make it easier for you and parents to register campers. It features an incredible Facebook integration, so Mom can register a camper after she makes her daily post. The date change for the opening of camp registration is only temporary.

New registration software may mean some challenges for you and for us. Please be patient with us as we make progress in this area. If your church budgeted for a deposit in 2018 and the change creates an obstacle for your church, please call us at 479-250-1865.

Registration is Open for Summer Camp

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